Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Little Fun and a Lot of Work!

We are in the process of finishing our basement.  The majority of the basement is older with lower ceilings, but it is in good shape.  When we moved in it had a room with a shower and sink, and an area with a kitchen that contained the washer and dryer.  The rest of it was just open.  At one point we put up a few walls and made a sewing room for me which was a not completely finished, but private.

Then we added onto the house including putting a basement under the addition.  We are now putting the washer/dryer, toilet, and sink in the shower room.  I'm not good at remembering to take before pictures, but here are a few "in the middle" pictures.
Here you can partly see the shower.  Bud did a great job tiling it.  It now needs to be grouted.
 This is where the new washer and dryer are going.  We opted to purchase the front loading ones without buying the pedestals.  Bud built a platform to put them on instead.
 And back in this corner will be the toilet.  It is different from your usual toilet since there wasn't the correct plumbing.  But, since I'm not very mechanical I can't really tell you how it's different.:)
After this room we move onto the family room which needs to be framed, drywalled, a closet, and carpeting.  Then the kitchen area and stairs which needs drywalled, new cupboards and appliances, and tile.  Finally will be a new and bigger sewing room for me.  It too will need drywalled, and carpet.  Of course everything will need primed and painted.  We do the work ourselves, so it makes me tired to think of it!
This past week we worked HARD every night--especially Bud--trying to get the area for the washer/dryer ready for delivery.  But, after many phone calls to Sears and their delivery people, it wasn't delivered.  Here's hoping it will be delivered next Friday as promised.

Our October weather continues to be beautiful!  We decided to try a new camping spot this weekend.  This was our view:
 The Mighty Mississippi!  
It was a beautiful spot even though the trees really haven't turned yet.  There were two other campgrounds right along the river within about 8 miles.  I know we'll be going back.


Laurie said...

Wow Kim, it's really going to be nice when it's all finished. Can't wait to see some after pics! We're having so much fun here in Iowa, and it's beautiful! Have posted lots of pictures so far, I hate to go home!

Trina said...

That looks like a nice veiw from the camper.

Social Media Support Team said...

Dear Kim

I’m sorry to hear your washer and dryer were not delivered as scheduled; especially with all the work you had to do to get ready for them. My name is Tammy and I am part of the Social Media Support Team. I would like to have one of our case managers monitor your delivery next Friday to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible and you do not have to make all the phone calls to check on the status. At your convenience, please contact our office via email at In the email, please provide the phone number the delivery is scheduled under. Also, please provide the screen name (Kim) used to post here for reference to the issue.

Tammy W.
Social Media Support Team