Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Fall Table Topper

  I LOVE "Gobble, Gobble" by Sandy Gervais fabric.   I had made a table runner last year and had some left over, so I came up with this table topper.
I decided to use a variety of quilting on it.  I straight line quilted the squares, used a fancy stitch on the cream border, and meandered around the outer border.  You can see all three styles in this close up.
Not a great photo, but photography is NOT my strong suit!!  Remember I'm a beginning quilter, so don't be too critical.

I love my house all decorated for fall with the rich brown, gold, green, and orange colors.  And the mums outside are gorgeous.  I'll have to get some photos before they freeze!


Laurie said...

Kim you remind me so much of my sister in law, she has the same style as you. Beautiful, creative work, nothing going to waste! Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

I would say you got to stay home to get more quilting done