Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Friday evening we met Trilby, Payton, and Cael, Tasha and Clara, and Trina and Grayson for a trip to the Kalona Fall Festival.  We went to the Fall Festival the first few years we lived here then we quit going.  The kids were in sports and we were just too busy.  The kids all went to sing or play in the band during the school day, so they got some time to be there.  Last year Bud's sister and brother-in-law were here so we went  again.  We decided it was time for the grandsons to go, so we made plans to go this year.  As usual the food was delicious, but I only got a picture of these homemade onion rings just before they were scarfed up!
It was sunny  but a little chilly, so Clara was dressed for the weather.
Grayson was a happy little guy.  
I bought him a balloon later that he had a ball with!
Payton and Cael made their own ropes using this old fashioned machine.
Of course they made one for Nate who stayed home.

Saturday morning found us with Travis and Kerry at a VERY soggy football game.  After sitting in the rain for almost three quarters, we left.  At least the outcome was in our favor.

Hawks too tough to handle--45-0 over Ball State.

Then we came  home to spend the rest of the weekend with Trina and Grayson.  Tanner was fishing in MN, so they came down to stay with us.  We had a great time spending time with them. Grayson enjoyed his bath in our kitchen sink!
After a little cooking and a little sewing today, it's back to the work world tomorrow.  Weekends always go too fast!
And what did you do this weekend?


Laurie said...

This looked like so much fun Kim, the grand kids are so cute!!

Tanner said...

I'm glad that you tried washing him in the sink. I was getting a little tired of crawling in the bathtub every other night. This is much easier and keeps me much more dry.