Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Don't you just love three day weekends?  I know I do!  We left about 2:00 Friday afternoon to head to NW Iowa.  The traffic on I80 was awful.  It was windy, and it seemed the slower people chose the left lane!  Then road construction on I35 helped raise Bud's blood pressure a little higher!  We made it to Newell just in time to eat at rehearsal supper.   We stayed in Storm Lake at a hotel.(That is another story.  Let's just say complaints were rampant.)  On Saturday after the Iowa Hawkeyes won their game, our nephew Kevin was married in a beautiful ceremony. (This is not their wedding photo.)
We had a good time at the reception, and all of my children, their spouses, and grandchildren were there.  Sunday morning the kids swam and the adults visited until checkout.  We then headed home with a little tour of places we lived when we were first married, a stop at Blaine's in Cedar Falls, and lunch at Famous Dave's.  It was a great family weekend.

Then the bonus day--Monday.  I did some cleaning, laundry, and sewing.  I haven't had my camera out for a while, but I will soon.  It was hard to get out of bed this morning.  In fact, I made Bud check that lottery ticket before I got up just to make sure I HAD to go to work!!

And how was your weekend?

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Laurie said...

Speaking of Iowa Kim, we didn't go there but my son and family visited from Ankeney. We had a wonderful time, so much fun! Monday was rest day, needed it after all the fresh air and excitement!