Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Little Sewing

I have been doing a little sewing, but not getting many big things accomplished.  With the start of school I don't have much energy left when I get home.  A while ago I made a couple of coffee cup cozies using a pattern from the fall 2010 issue of Quilts and More.
You can see a photo of them in the book here.
I gave one as a gift and didn't take a photo, but I have one laying around I thought I'd show you.
I'm not sure if I like the busy fabrics together, but I'm loving the brown/aqua combination.
It should keep my coffee nice and hot!

Would you like it better if either the words or the background was a plain fabric and didn't fight with each other so much?

1 comment:

Trina said...

i like the concept of the mug warmer thingy, and the colors.