Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baby Shoes

Sometime while surfing around blogland I cam upon baby shoes someone had made that were so cute!  I can't remember who.  I searched for a free pattern and gave it a try.  This is my first pair.
I used three different coordinating purple fabrics.
Trina really liked them, but clearly Grayson won't wear these!  So, I made a denim and fleece pair for him, but we put them right on his feet and they went home.   So, no pics.
I am not happy with them as I think they pull in one spot, but I tried several different things with it and never got it to look just like I wanted.  I guess I'll look for a different pattern before making more.  Anybody made any of these who could help me?

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Beth Swantz said...

these are absolutely adorable...I'd almost have a baby for those shoes!