Thursday, March 18, 2010

Which Sewing Machine?????

My brother and sister-in-law were very generous to me for my birthday.  Because of them I now get to purchase a new sewing machine. (Thanks Dean & Gay!)  I am currently sewing with my 1974 Kenmore 1603 ZZ.  It was my graduation gift from my parents that they gave me a year early so I could sew.  I have oiled and cleaned it regularly.  I hate to admit that I have NEVER had it serviced by a professional.  I have sewn MANY dresses, skirts, and blouse for my girls and myself, western shirts for Bud and Travis, crafts, and  quilts. I have patched endless pairs of jeans, overalls, and jackets. It has served me well, and my parents certainly got their money's worth out of it!

I have researched endlessly on the internet, and I have looked at some machines.  I have looked at  Janome, Brother, Elna, and Baby Lock machines.  Every machine is impressive.  I haven't allowed myself to look at machines over the years, knowing I couldn't buy one anyway.  Little did I know that they now thread themselves, cut the thread, have over a hundred different stitches in addition to the alphabet, can sew sideways, etc.  I could go on and on!  I'd really like to hear from someone who had first hand experience with any of these brands.  Any advice??

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