Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Ladybug" Quilt

I made each of Trilby's boys a quilt for Christmas, which I don't think I've shown before.  I was under pressure to get it done and forgot to take pictures.  Nate calls his the Ladybug Quilt.  The fabric doesn't really have ladybugs on it, but they do kind of look like them......if you think ladybugs are blue, red, green, or orange!

I couldn't get him to give it up, so he's peeking out the top!
I used flannel and tied this one.  It is very cuddly!

Gratitude--I am VERY grateful for my senses.  Our senses help keep us safe--something I think we forget about.  I have an excellent sense of smell.  It's too good sometimes, and I smell lots of things I wish I couldn't smell, but I'm glad I can!  And then there's taste. Taste and smell work together so well.  Obviously my sense of taste is in good working condition.  I'll blame my weight on that!  My eyes aren't great and I fear losing my sight someday.  It is certainly something I can't imagine doing without.  I'm grateful for the sight I do have.   I don't know how I would do my job without my sense of hearing.  I know people do, but I'm glad I don't have to.  I'm glad I can hear the voices of those I love.  And then there's touch.  I'm grateful I can feel the hugs of my grandsons, the student's hand holding mine, and the kisses from my husband.  Thank you God, for my senses.

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Trilby said...

I am also grateful for all our senses. And I promise that if you lose your sight I will have outfits set out/put together so that Dad isn't dressing you!! At least if he were dressing you, you wouldn't know how bad you would look!! :)