Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Busyness!

Yes, it is tax time at our house.  I spent Saturday going through bills, receipts, and stuff.  YUCK!  We're thinking about doing our own taxes this year.  And  we're really not in much of a hurry since we had to pay last year.  If we have to pay again, they're not getting it until the last minute!

Bud worked on his car and played with his cattle, including his newest little heifer.
Saturday evening we stayed home watched "Couple's Retreat" (which was okay) because Bud is fighting a cold/virus.
Sunday I played with this:
It is nice soft flannel, but I ran out of one print, so I have to wait and finish my project when I get more.  I don't know how that happened except that the lady cutting it must have shorted me a yard.  I got the same amount of four of the prints, and yet this was the only one I ran out of.
I did make several of these tactile quits or tag quilts.
I first saw these when Tasha showed me some that she was making.  I personally thought she was nuts!  But, Chance, our 6 month old grandson, LOVES his!  
The ribbons are different sizes and textures which he loves to chew/suck on!  I finished the edges with a fancy little stitch.
Have you heard of these little quilts?

Gratutides--I am grateful for country life.  It isn't that I really want to live in the country, but I have gotten used to it.  I know that Bud would not be happy in town.  He enjoys looking out the window and seeing deer by the fence line and running across the property, seeing the turkeys across the fence, and the pheasants flying in the pasture.  I think he even enjoys the challenges that the ground hogs and voles present to him.  Many times he has come running into the house for his gun to "get" the critters who elude him.  Because he is happy in the country I am happy in the country.


Travis and Kerry said...
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Trina said...

So, is that some sort of backwords bull riding? I like the tag blankets.