Sunday, September 6, 2009


Now, I'm not really one to shop. I think I've mentioned that before. But I do on occasion like to shop, especially if a craft or fabric store is on the list to visit. Soooo, we were driving through Des Moines Friday night on our way to NW Iowa and a family event. Where would you stop to shop????


Hobby Lobby??


A quilt store??

Well, we stopped here:

This store, mind you opened in August and this was my SECOND time in the store! Trilby, Mike, and boys were close behind us on I-80, and they hadn't been there before, so they stopped too. The boys were in awe! They were impressed by all of the animals on display--fish, buffalo, bear, wolves, ducks--you name it and it is there! The tall black bear was a favorite, although Nate was too scared to get close.

The giant aquarium with the scene above it was also a hit.

But the favorite spot was the shooting gallery.
So, a good time was had by all. But, I think I've had enough of the Bass Pro Shop for now! (Sorry, Bud)


Trilby said...

Any time Dad wants to go back I am sure Mike and the boys will go with him! I actually wouldn't mind going back and taking a little more time to check it out. We kind of hurried through it! Good thing the boys didn't see the place where you could "drive" a Nascar car!! We would not have made it out of the store as quickly as we did!!

Kath said...

I thought maybe you would pickup your new pontoon on this visit, since you didn't get it when we were there.:)

Tanner said...

I'm willing to travel with Bud see the Bass Pro Shop.