Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fun for Me!

I have my swap packaged and ready to mail tomorrow. This is only the second swap I've done, and I've been very nervous about it. I want my partner to like the things I made and/or purchased, but how do you really know if they do? Since she may take a peek at my blog I won't show what I sent until I know she has received them. They are going to Canada!

I made all things I would like, in fact a couple of the things I made I did make for myself, or I will be making for myself. I am sure I'm not the only one who makes things for gifts or craft shows, but never gets to keep one for herself. Well, next week I am going to remedy that situation. Since I am sending some things in the swap that I really wanted to keep, I am going to be crafting for myself next week. In fact I started tonight with this little cutie!

I bought this pattern, and I plan on making one of each for myself. Is there anyone who would like this as a gift? I think I know a few who might!
I am still working on the Gail Pan BOMs. I started a little late, so I need to catch up. I finally purchased the fabric for the quilt, and I decided that this one will be mine too.

So, I'm wondering......Do you craft/sew for yourself, or do you give it all away or sell it?


trilby said...

I'll take one of each also!!! Super cute!! Could I buy a couple? How much??

Brooke said...

I would gladly buy one from you also. I wish I knew how to make things like that!!

Anonymous said...

santa, santa, santa for me!!!!!
Guess who thinks that?

Trina said...

I like the santa and snowman. I would take one.