Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What do you Collect?

I don't really think of myself as a "collector", but as I look around my house I do have collections of some things. One of the things I collect is nuns. Not the real live ones, but dolls or small statues that are nuns. I have many memories of nuns as I went to Catholic school until fourth grade. We had three nuns in my small town--Sister Ethel was the oldest (she taught my mom) and she taught grades 1-4, Sister Rose Agnes was the spunky one with some red hair peeking out of her habit! She taught music and science and PE to all grades. I remember her doing cartwheels many times in her habit! Sister Wilma was the principal and the stern one. She had a habit of walking around with her hands in front of her fingertips touching and moving them in and out. She was the one to be afraid of!

Most of the nuns in my collection came from my mother. This first one is my biggest one. She makes me think of Sister Wilma.

This one makes me think of Sister Ethel. She is smaller and not quite as stern looking.

These are smaller ones that are more fun loving!

What do you collect?


Trina said...

As a child I collected dolls...but of course you know that. I'm proud to say I'm not a collector. I don't need any reason to do more shopping!!

Kath said...

I used to collect snowmen, got too many and decided it was enough. I now have a snowmen bedroom and bring some out to other rooms during the winter months.