Tuesday, June 23, 2009


In a May post I told you about my uncle, Bob, who had passed away in TN. My Aunt Ruthie has decided to sell their home and move somewhere closer to family. They built their home 11 years ago in the Cumberland Lake Development. They aren't on the water, but are in a secluded woodsy area that is beautiful! Anyway, the home needed some upkeep to prepare it for sale so my sister, Kathy, nephew, Clint, daughter, Trina, and son-in-law, Tanner along with Bud and I made the trip. Kathy and Clint arrived Wednesday afternoon and we arrived Thursday morning about 5:00a.m. After a couple of hours of sleep we started in on the house.

Trina spent about five hours power washing the porch to prepare it for painting.

Kathy, Tanner, and I painted, although I do have to admit that I only worked on the kitchen while they painted the bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, and porch.

We packed.

We rearranged cupboards.

We dusted.

We even tried a unique way to dust the ceiling fan. I'm pretty sure it was Tanner's idea to throw the dust rag up there.

Notice Tanner is now trying to tell Trina how to get it down after he failed at his try. Bud, of course, is just lending moral support throughout the ordeal.

Bud and Clint fixed screens, moved furniture, pulled up all the carpet, did some electrical work, did a little chaulking, scattered rock, cleaned gutters, fixed lattice, and tended a fire.

Clint REALLY did do more than this photo portrays, although this is what he preferred to do!

All in all we got a lot of work done. The carpet should be put in on Thursday and then I think it should be ready to show.

I really did do more than just take photos! I was in charge of the food, cleaning, staging, etc.
I'm sure this was an emotional weekend for my aunt, although she didn't show it. We worked hard and had a few laughs together.

Thank you to Trina, Tanner, and Clint for going along. It is nice to see the younger generation lending a hand. Thanks also goes out to Trilby and the boys for taking care of Cuddles, Max, and Marley! Tasha and Kyle also did our cattle chores while we were gone.

We got home about 2:00a.m. Sunday morning. Trina and Tanner spent the night and left around ten to go get their babies. Bud and I pretty much just chilled all day. We were exhausted!

God has not called us to see through each other, but to see each other through. ~Author Unknown

What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?
George Eliot:

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Laurie said...

We went through the same process with my mother in April and June, and can empathize with the chores needed to sell a home! Her home is beautiful, bless her dear heart.