Sunday, June 28, 2009

Flower Beds

I love flowers, but with our addition we still are in somewhat of a transition, so I don't have any flower beds by the house. I have been working on a flower bed by my fence south of the house. It actually got started when we were getting ready to dig. I had to move the plants or lose them! Soooooo, we moved a bunch to the south fence line. Last year because fo back problems I was unable to do much in the way of yardwork so they were REALLY weedy! This year, however, I have been trying to keep on top of the weeds.

This is the east end of the bed.

The middle.

And the west end of the bed.

In the bed are lots of hostas, irises, lilies, sedum, purple cone flower, phlox, a rose bush, and a clematis. The rose bush was new last year and was almost dead this spring. We cut it back and it is starting to do well. The clematis is a cutting from a friend's mother. It is fall blooming and I am excited to see it thrive.

We adopted some lilies from Trina and Tanner. The first one has bloomed!

Along the south side of the house I have day lilies. which are native to Iowa, a clematis, burning bush, some daisies, phlox, mums, and impatiens.

I love the lavendar clematis!

And the impatiens look so nice in the bucket on the milk can. I have one of these on each side of the garage door.

I like to accessorize the garden beds with things like birdhouses, little fences, benches, flags, and other decorations. Doesn't this little guy look cute reading his book in the flower bed?

All of the trees in our front yard are surrounded by hostas. By the east end of the south flower bed we also have an area with the flag, a redbud tree, two burning bushes, hostas, phlox, and another plant.(I can't think of it's name!) One of the garages is bordered by peony bushes and hostas, and the back driveway is lined with hostas. I also have a patio area in the back that contains , hostas, tiger lilies, and day lilies in addition to a container full of phlox that I use to replant in different areas. I also have a bunch of irises in the garden just waiting to be replanted by the house.

Having flower beds are a lot of work, but so beautiful to look at! Now, if someone would just get rid of my creeping charlie and morning glories I would really be happy!!

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Laurie said...

You have many of the same flowers I have Kim, all my favorites also! Your beds sound so beautiful, I could sit in them forever. The statuary and other additions make them so personal and homey!