Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I am sitting here looking at the gorgeous lights on the tree and the stockings hung on the fireplace.  Out my window is a world of white!  We are definitely having a white Christmas this year.  I still have some gifts to wrap, cookies to make in addition to some other food for our Christmas Eve supper, a table to set, and a house to pick up, so I really shouldn't be sitting here.  Trina and Tanner will be here tonight to go to Mass with us and then eat.  Tomorrow all the girls and their families will meet us for Mass in Williamsburg and then back to our house for dinner, gift opening, and family fun!  I love Christmas--the decorations, Mass, and family fun.  I'm just disappointed that ALL of our family can't be here at the same time.  You know, a mother likes all her chicks gathered together! :)   Here's hoping everyone has a Very Merry Christmas!


Kath said...

I love your blog. I agree with Beth, I didn't know you were so internet savy!

Laurie said...

Where abouts in Iowa Kim? My son is moving just outside of Des Moines on Saturday. Very hard time.