Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Food, Food, and Fun!

Why does everything we do center around food??? That may be fine for people of small size and high metabolisms, but it isn't good for those of us that are larger with slow metabolism!!! Anyway, we do love to eat! Trilby's family was over last night to do several things: help Bud put one of the machine shed doors back on it's tracks, help me put Payton's quilt on the quilting frame to be retied, and to eat leftovers!

It was a night of Cael activities--as soon as they got here he was complaining about his ear. So, a trip to the doctor was in order. After a trip to the pharmacy for medicine for ear infection they were back. In the meantime the door was hung and I heated up the leftovers, but the quilt didn't get done.:( During supper Cael lost his other front tooth. If you remember seeing him with the tissue hanging out of his mouth on Christmas Day, this was the tooth!

THEN, Cael wanted to bake! He wanted an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas and he got it, but it didn't come with a bulb to bake. His parents didn't realize that and just got one. So, we ate his first cake! YUM!

This morning we had an impromptu brunch. We had yummy rolls from the bakery.

Hot and cheesy casserole.

And a sweet Amaretto cheese ball with animal crackers. (I LOVE Amaretto and I got the leftovers!)

Don't the ladies look happy to be in the picture?

In the spirit of "Letting go" (which they tell me will help my back pain) I didn't clean my house for the brunch. Picked up, yes, but dusted and scrubbed, no. I don't know what is really more stressful---cleaning or not cleaning and trying hard not to worry about it! Is anyone else like this?

So, I'm off to a busy day--nail and hair appointments! I'm hoping to post a couple of photos of several things I made for Christmas, but I'm waiting for daughter #2 to send me a photo! Tomorrow I hope!

Have a great day!


The Hartsocks said...

hmm, Kim -I have only had problems uploading videos, not pictures. Maybe try saving the pic to your desktop and uploading from there instead of from iphoto?

ps - I love food too (I am sure you can't tell!LOL) - but it is high time to work on this weakness (one can only use the "I just had a baby" excuse for so long . . .

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year from another Quilting Kim!

Laurie said...

Hi Kim! Everything looked wonderful! One question from another post, what is pretzel strawberry salad? Peaked my interest!?