Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Activities

I have had my house decorated since the weekend after Thanksgiving for the most part.  It just keeps taking me longer and longer to get the things done.  And I wanted to add and change some things so it isn't all done yet.  I thought I would show you our tree.  It is decorated with an eclectic group of ornaments, a lot of which are snowflakes. 

One ornament on my tree is very special to me.  It was made by my grandmother when she was hospitalized at Mayo for about four months one year.  They were trying to save her leg and then ended up amputating it, so she was in bed for quite some time.  To help pass
 the time she made some Christmas ornaments.  Christmas was a big deal to my grandma.  All 19 grandchildren had stacks of gifts.  I remember sitting with the Christmas catalog and circling the things I wanted for Christmas.  And sure enough, Grandma would come through with many of those gifts.  We always had a little program at Grandpa and Grandma's.  The older grandchildren had parts to memorize every Christmas.  As I got older I helped Grandma decorate and wrap gifts.  I certainly learned how to wrap correctly!  I love the ornament that she made and while it really isn't my style, it is a great reminder of her!

Christmas wouldn't be complete without a Christmas program to attend.  Payton had his program this week.  Trina and Tanner came down, Tasha was there, some of Mike's family attended and of course Trilby, Cael, and Nate were there.  Mike attended the afternoon concert.
Payton had given his mom strict instructions ahead of time that we were NOT to wave at him! :)  He was the first second grader into the gym and boy did he take his job seriously.  We didn't see him crack a smile for the longest time, but finally a little one slipped out.  The program was very cute and he did a nice job.  We visited his classroom after it was over and then went off to McDonald's for a late supper.

We have more activities coming up in the next several weeks in addition to the rest of my decorating, shopping, and wrapping.  Watch for updates!


Theresa + Kent said...

What special memories you have with your Grandma at Christmas. Your tree looks great - I'm very partial to trees with eclectic ornaments!

Trilby said...

Payton really appreciated the fact that we didn't wave at him and that we sat in the front row right where he was!! He loved it that we were all there!