Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bud!!

The Oak Ridge Boys were the first concert Bud and I attended at the state fair eons ago.  We have always enjoyed most of their music, even though we don't really listen to it much.  Anyway, they have been advertising their Christmas Concert in CR, so I bought Bud tickets for his birthday.  The concert was Thursday night.  We left home right after school and had a nice supper out, then went to the concert.  We were definitely among the younger set at the concert!  The Oak Ridge Boys have aged since we last saw them, as I'm sure we have, but boy can they sing!  They started the concert with about 45 minutes of their most famous songs and then took a break before coming out to sing their Christmas songs.  It was a very nice evening.                                           Happy Birthday, Bud!

I have been working on decorating my house for Christmas.  The trees are up, but I want to make some new ornaments for one of the trees.  It seems to take me longer each year.  I will be posting some photos soon.  Along those lines, I haven't done much shopping yet.  I hate to shop and just don't do it throughout the year like I should.  I did run into Kohl's today and get a little done.  I got a good deal on Carter jammies for Nate.  The place was packed and I couldn't even find an empty cart when I went in.  Bud finally stood by check out and got one from someone when they finished.  It just reminded me why I don't like to shop!  

I will be spending the next two weeks as outpatient at the hospital in IC every day.  I will be doing physical therapy, exercise, stress reduction, etc.  from 8-4:30 each day.  I had to write lesson plans for a week before I could come home last night. YUCK!  I've never been gone from school so long, but it was when the clinic is scheduled so I didn't have much choice.  I hope it helps as I'm tired of this aching back!  

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