Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Titanic Exhibit

We recently made a trip to Texas and New Mexico to visit family and relax. Our first stop was Union Station in Kansas City where we saw a Titanic
Exhibit. It has been a hundred years since the tragedy.

As we entered the exhibit we were each given a boarding pass of someone who was a passenger on the Titanic. It also listed who the person's traveling companions were.

At the end we were able to look over a list to see if we had survived or not. Bud was a first class man traveling with his wife and son. He did not survive, but his family did. My person was a third class 14 year old girl who was traveling with her 12 year old brother. Their father was denied access to the ship because of an eye infection. Miraculously they survived.

The exhibit was very interesting. We did the audio tour which always adds to the exhibit. We saw many artifacts from pieces of the ship to fine china stacked in a row just as they found it at the bottom of the ocean. Some of the stories were just heart wrenching. One thing I wasn't aware of was that many people were diverted to the Titanic from other ships because of a coal strike. How unfortunate for them.

Part of the exhibit was a scene from the boiler room as the ship hit the iceberg and water poured in....complete with red hot furnaces and men yelling! The huge iceberg at the end was also super cool.

I am so sorry that I cannot take my fourth graders through this exhibit. Our second story of the year is about the Titanic, and they LOVE it! At least I now have more knowledge to share with them.

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Laurie said...

This sounds so interesting, Kim. Would love to go through this exhibit myself. I thought the tickets were such an interesting touch. Your students are going to really benefit from your trip!