Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pink Camo Quilt

My nephew and his fiancé had a daughter born in March. They wanted pink camouflage in the quilt. So, I began looking for it. I couldn't find any in the quilt stores around here, so I had to find it online. I knew I had to feature the camo fabrics in the quilt, or it wouldn't be apparent that it was camo. But I wanted it to be girly too. So this is what I came up with.

I often struggle with deciding on a pattern. I found a tutorial for the flowers from That Dorky Homemade Look blog, and went with a modified version of a quilt she had posted. The blog has not had a post in several years, but this one was helpful to me. I also backed it with camo.

I used a pink gingham with flowers as a border and the binding. (I had to get in as much girly as I could.). I meandered it all over except the borders. There I used a special stitch.

I hope that she enjoys it for many years to come. Now, my next baby quilt is a boy one again!

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Laurie said...

That's so cute Kim! The camo fabric is perfect, and I love the flowers! I've had to go online many times to find what I want, and can't believe what's out there when you look! What a sweet little heirloom!