Monday, July 23, 2012


For many years July has brought us the joys, work, and fun of county fair. All of our four children were in 4-H and two were also in FFA, so we had many years of county fair fun. After a few years off we are now on another generation of fair participants in our family! Payton started off with hogs. He is a junior, and is in his second year of 4-H.

We had Chance spend the fair days with us as he is all farm boy and we knew he would really enjoy it. Here he and Nate discuss the hogs.

Payton joined the Pride of Iowa competition and made a dairy recipe that was really yummy!

He also showed his returning bucket bottle heifer, Trixie.

Our camper was there for Trilby's family to stay in. It was a welcome relief when it was so warm and we needed a break and a snack!

Cael showed his lamb for the first time. He isn't in 4-H yet, but was able to be in this class.

What would the fair be without a snowcone???

We also found a great place to wrangle these little piggies while we waited for the next show!

Payton got also entered the IH curtains that I helped him make, but I forgot to get a picture. He received all blues. And a good time was had by all!
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Donna said...

Love it, Kim! We so enjoyed our girl's years in 4-H, and have gone to see nieces and nephews and friends' kids show...something about poop in the air just takes ya home, ya know....haha great pics

Laurie said...

How fun! It's fair time here, through the week-end. My grand daughters both raised fair pigs when they lived in MI. Fun, but oh the smell!!