Sunday, March 4, 2012

Friday the 24th was my birthday, and Mother Nature provided me with this:
 Which led to a 2 hour late start at school.  Ahhhhh.....two extra hours to enjoy my coffee!
Bud had taken the day off to baby-sit with Clara who didn't have daycare that day.  She showed up about 7:30.  She "helped" me get ready for school.  She needed make-up.  And who couldn't resist "Please, please, please" when I was putting on my jewelry!  So here she is all ready for her day necklace and all!
She was VERY pleased with herself in case you can't tell!  This is her "Say, Cheese" face.
After a good day at school I joined some friends for a little celebration.  All of us in the back row had a birthday in January or February.  Thanks for a nice time, Phyllis!
I finished up the evening with dinner out at Red Lobster, my favorite restaurant.  The lobster was YUMMY!  Life is good!


Josie McRazie said...

Well Happy Birthday!! Thanks goodness Mother Nature has been fairly nice enough this year to NOT make that white stuff last long! LOL! MMMMM Red Lobster!! hehe

Donna said...

Funny, I had Chuck take me to Red Lobster for my b-day, too.