Friday, February 24, 2012

February Birthdays

We have three February birthdays in our family.  We start with Grayson on February 13th.  Since we don't see him very often we decided to go take him out for some fun.  
Chuckie Cheese it was!
He was in awe of the animated figures.  
He was 2!
Nate's turned 5 on February 17th.  He gets two parties--one with his dad's family and one with our family.  Trilby hosted a party for Nate, Grayson, and me.  The theme was Pirates and Pizza.  She made wonderful pizza and we came as pirates!
These two were DANGEROUS with their swords!
My sister was there with her two grandchildren.
Trina, Tanner, & Grayson were there complete with the pirates on their shoulders!
And of course the oldest pirates showed up too!
The two birthday boys hamming it up for the camera!

There were others there, but they were party poopers and didn't dress for the occasion!

Thanks Trilby, we had a great time!


Josie McRazie said...

Happy birthday kiddos! I love the themed bday!! How fun for all! (party poopers not dressing up! LOL)

Anonymous said...

It was so much fun!! I loved putting all the stuff together and still trying to stick to a budget. Even if Trina thinks I went over board. I could have gone bigger. I hope it is something that Nate at least remembers for a long time! I am happy to host things like that at our place. Especially since it is big enough now!!! Hopefully this will become a tradition with all the kids. Group themed parties, noise, fun, lots of great food and terrific memories!!