Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekend Work

Along with the grandkids, a few adult kids showed up this weekend too.  They came to help work on the basement.  We have been in the process of finishing the basement since October.  It has gone slowly, and Bud is getting REALLY tired of it. I haven't taken many photos along the way, but I'll try to give you an idea what it looks like.

Our house was built in 1947, back when a basement was just a place to store canned goods, junk, and hang out in case of a storm.  The floor was perfectly tilted toward the drain, as it should have been.  The ceiling are fairly low too.  We then put on an addition in 2008/2009. This addition included a room in the basement with taller ceilings made to finish.  Along the way heat runs have been put in helter skelter.  We moved a few, but couldn't move some.  Hence, we are working with low ceilings and sloping floors!

This is part of the new room.  The TV will be hung between the two closets.  Cael set up shop trying to SELL us sodas from our fridege. (It didn't work.)  
 This is the same room from the other end.  We plan to have the toys and play area at this end along with the treadmill and a table and chairs.
This is the kitchen area just off the new room.  
They were busy hanging cabinets today. And there's a sneak peek at the new bathroom/laundry room.
This room which is currently the "catch all" room, will become my sewing room. To the left of this room is my current sewing room which will just be storage when we are done.

The stairs are causing us some serious debate! The basement floor is tiled, and the kitchen floor which the stairs connect to at the top is tiled.  So, I'd like to tile them so everything is matchy, matchy.  But, Bud feels like the stairs have too much give and the grout would eventually crack.  The second choice is to put oak stair treads with tile around the outside and along the top edge.  But, Bud thinks the depth of the step will be a little off so he should take them apart and basically rebuild them.  The kids think we should put linoleum or laminate flooring.  Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!!
Thanks for the help, Tasha, Kyle, Trina, & Tanner!


Tasha said...

I vote for the laminate like what is in your sunroom.

Mary and Wilbur Litwiller said...

You guys are soooooooo ambitious. It will be a wonderful addition to your house.

Anonymous said...

My vote- listen to your kids.

Trilby said...

Listen to the kids, listen to the kids, listen to the kids!!! It will look nice without all the hassle and it will save Dad time down the road when he is correct and it all cracks and then you have him redo it!!! Mike says the same thing. It has to much give.