Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Few Small Projects

Last weekend I did have the opportunity to do a little sewing in between working on report cards. (Which I should be doing now!)  I went into the sewing room to finish a purse I had started for my niece and to work on catching up on my squares for Piecemakers' Club, but I didn't have everything I needed to finish the purse.  So, I got sidetracked digging through the fabric to get rid of some, and  I came across two placemats that had raveled along one edge, but still had some good use to it.  I ended up making these two pillows.
Then I finished up a cover for a high chair that had been sitting around.  It will go into the camper in the hopes that some babies come to visit us while we camp this year!  Next, I repaired a vest I had decorated for a friend a few years ago.  Some of the letters were coming off.  And then I made three taggie blankets for three new babies.
Not sure what a taggie blanket is????  Well, the first time I saw one my daughter had made it, and I thought it looked crazy!  But, babies LOVE them!  It's just a small blanket with tags sticking out all around.  The tags are different lengths and textures.  Babies love to chew, suck, and drool over them!
And finally, I made a small wallhanging, but I'm not quite done with it, so no picture yet.  I'm going to finish up report cards today and hope to sew this afternoon.  But, its a beautiful day out so the yard is beckoning me.  What are you up to today?

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Trilby said...

Do you know of 3 more babies coming that I haven't heard about yet?