Sunday, December 5, 2010

Civic Duty and Stuff

• CIVIC DUTY (noun)
  The noun CIVIC DUTY has 1 sense:
1. the responsibilities of a citizen

jury duty - the civic duty to serve on a jury

Yes, I have been doing jury duty this week.  I have never served on a jury or even been called to jury duty before, and wouldn't you know it, I got picked.  The strange thing is that I am serving along with two other teachers in my building and a secretary from another building in our district.  With a jury pool of 80 to start how could that happen?  It is a big case, and it is expected to all this week and into the next.  I never dreamt it would be so emotionally and mentally draining.   We have put in long hours, so after running an errand or two I haven't gotten home much before 6:30 or 7:00, so I haven't accomplished much this past week.

After spending the day moving Trina, Tanner, and Grayson into their new home yesterday, I finally got some time to sew today.  Years ago when I had four small children I made each of them Christmas stockings.  I never got around to making any for Bud and me, but what did it matter since no one filled them anyway.  Well, after Trilby was married, Payton was born, and maybe even Cael, I added to the stockings.  Long story short, I made one for each son-in-law and our daughter-in-law and each grandchild.  One year I even made one for Bud and one for me.  Last year I made one for Chance for his first Christmas.  This year I needed to make two, so that is what I did today.

Grayson's stocking:

And Clara's stocking:

And all of the stockings handing on the mantle.
I'm sure I will be happily making more in the future! 


Kathy said...

They are really cool. Wish I had talent like my sister!

Trilby said...

They do look awesome! Maybe in our new house I will have a nice mantel to put ours on. If only I knew who built yours.............hmmmmm.

Yolanda said...

I loved looking at your recipes and so some I want to try and also I would like to know what you think of Handle with Care . I read it last year.

Trina said...

I love the tradition of a personalize, handmade stocking for each of us. I made "generic" stockings for Tanner, Max, Marley, and myself, along with a bunch of extras for all the future kids and pets we will have. I'll be glad ot carry on the tradition.