Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fall Farewell

Here are my excuses for a final fall post instead of Christmas as everyone has moved on to.

1.  We haven't had snow yet and the oak tree still has some leaves, so it still feels pretty much like fall.
2.  I get tired of everyone rushing Christmas.  I swear the decorations were in the stores the end of September.
3.  Since I was sick on Thanksgiving and Black Friday I am behind on my "normal" Christmas decorating. 
4.   I've also been struggling with slideshow, but finally got it to work!!  I LOVE fall--the colors, the weather, the activities, etc.  and while I also LOVE Christmas I am always sad to take the fall decorations down.  
So, here's one last fall project and slideshow.

I made this wall hanging based on a pattern, but I tweaked it some.  I used only fabric from my stash, so it was free!  Well, at least I didn't put any money out when I made it. I gave a sneak peek of it a while ago with a photo in a post.

I did complete it and it has been hanging on my wall. 
I meanered around the entire wall hanging except the applique in the middle.

 I first put it here:

But after buying a new cabinet for the music library I had to move it.  It looks good next to the window, but no photo!

And one last look at my fall decorating before I decorate for Christmas! 

Good-bye Fall!


Laurie said...

Fall came and went so quickly here Kim, I never had the chance to enjoy it. I always look forward to the colors, the smells, the rustling leaves, but everything is bare and cold already. I'm with you!

Belinda said...

I love the colors in your home and all the fall decor. I wish I was better at decorating for the different holidays but I just don't have it in me. I do love your look. Reminds me of a great craft show! I want to come shop!