Monday, November 22, 2010

Shop Til You Drop!!

Maxine Shopping
This is EXACTLY what we did this weekend.  Kathy, Trina, Trilby, and I began the weekend by shopping at VF Friday night since Trilby had an extra 30% employee discount.  We got GREAT buys, really we did!!  After a late night snack we headed home to bed.

We were up bright and early Saturday morning to head for Des Moines.  We have ladies day out to attend the big craft show at the fairgrounds each year.  Last year we centered our day around pregnant girls. (Well, just Trina that we knew of at the time.)  This year we centered some activities around babies!  Brittany stayed home to rest since Dakota hadn't been sleeping well, and we took two cars so Tasha could drop Clara off at her other grandma's for the day.

We spent several hours at the craft show, and some of us got great buys!  Then we headed for Jordan Creek Mall.  We usually eat at The CheeseCake Factory, but someone(umm....Kathy?) said she didn't really like it, so we ate at Joe's Crab Shack.  We had to find something to do while we waited so we chose to do this:
We agreed to find a new place to eat next year.  Any suggestions???

I forgot to take my camera, so we took a photo with my phone, but blogger won't load it!  
We hit the mall, Target, and Wal-Mart and finally made it home about 9:00p.m.
Good company, good laughs, good buys, and good food made for a great day.  
We'll do it again in 2011!!


Laurie said...

I wish I were there Kim! Our 2 favorite places to eat in the Des Moines area are Famous Daves and Legendz! Mmmmmm!

Kath said...

I really had fun and love this tradition. Hopefully next year Brittany can go too.

Trina said...

Next year we should shop Tanger on Friday again then head up a bit earlier to go to Target before the craft show. I say we try a new lunch place every year!

Tanner said...

I think next year you should bring the little kids with you. Kim loves spending time with her grandchildren.

Trilby said...

I also love to do this. I think we should go earlier to Target too. Especially if the craft show is as busy as it was this year!! I am game to try PF Changs or another place.

And Tanner--NO KIDS!! :) That would be a nightmare if I had to drag mine along! It would defeat the purpose of enjoying the day and getting some Christmas shopping done!!!