Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December Recap Continued

We left for Texas on December 17th.  We drove as far as Wichita where we spent the night. We're just too tired to drive straight through after working all day anymore!!  We got to Dalhart about 1:00.  After saying hi to everyone and changing our clothes we went to Mass and then to my brother's company Christmas party.  One reason we went was so Bud could be Santa at Marybell's.  (Don't know what Marybell's is?  Go here.)  Bud enjoys filling in for Santa and decided to grow his own beard and hair this year.  Well, he did get some looks and comments on our way to Texas, but the best was the little girl in church who was POSITIVE Santa was there.  As we went to communion she was poking her mom saying, "It's Santa, it's Santa!" (I am happy that the beard and hair are gone as of last night!!)

Sunday was Marybell's Christmas.  People began lining up as early as 9:30 a.m. even though the starting time was 2:00p.m.  Approximately 775 toys were given out to children from 0-12 years old.  They got bicycles, trampolines, dolls, kitchens, trucks, scooters, basketball hoops, game tables, etc.  Each child above the age of 3 goes to choose his/her own gift.  Santa had a few words to say and then he mingled and visited with kids and parents.  The Christmas Story was told in English and Spanish, and a band played Christmas songs.  Cookies, hot chocolate, cheese, and chocolate milk were provided.  I took tickets from kids and made sure they went without parents to choose their toy.

After Marybell's we went to the local nursing home where we passed out stockings stuffed with socks, lotions, and other things.  They LOVED Santa.  This lady was adamant about getting her picture taken with Santa.
 She said it was the closest she had been to him in 90 years!
Our family members that worked at Marybell's.
We left for home early Tuesday morning and drove straight through.  I spent Wednesday at the hospital with my sister and brother-in-law as he was admitted on Tuesday.  As soon as he was released Wednesday night we headed to Wal-Mart to finish Christmas shopping and buy groceries.  We got home about midnight and collapsed.  Thursday I wrapped packages all day as Bud cleaned and made party mix.  Then it was Christmas!

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