Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Baptism --And I missed it!:-(

(I've been waiting to post about this until someone sent me more photos, but I am tired of waiting, so I'll use what I have!)

Our newest little grandson, Chance, was baptized last Sunday. Here he is with his mom and dad wearing his daddy's baptismal outfit.
His sponsors were two of his aunts, Trilby and Tasha, and his uncle, James.
Father Scott baptized him. Father was our priest for about seven years here and he was here when Travis was confirmed and also gave him last rites when he had his first surgery. Now Father has moved on and Travis and Kerry belong to one of his new parishes.

We went to Travis' on Saturday evening, watched the Iowa game (Go Hawks!), and ate pizza. I went to bed about midnight feeling great and got up about 1:00 a.m. with the flu. I was too sick to go to baptism or dinner. I stayed in bed until Bud hauled me home Sunday afternoon. I am still dealing with an upset stomach, but most of all I am so disappointed to have missed such a special occasion.

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