Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finally a Nice Fall Day!

Finally a break in the weather and some sunshine! We've been a little short on sun lately. I've wanted to get out in the yard and take some photos of some fall colors, but its rained so much lately that I hadn't made it out there. I did get a shot of our house which I put in my header. The two trees out front are in full fall color.
The field of corn to the south of the house hasn't been touched yet. The trees along the creek behind the field are showing their colors, but itdoesn't show up so much in the picture.

The sedums in my yard have their fall colors on. These always look nice sticking out of a little snow just to remind me that spring will come again!
I had one last rose still hanging on. This rosebush is supposed to be a climbing bush. I wanted it to climb up the fence behind it, but this spring it looked dead. So, we dug it out to replace it, but before we got it to the store it was greening up and looking better again. So, we replanted it.

The purple mums still look quite pretty.
The yellow ones are about done, and
the white ones were done a week ago.

The burning bushes always look great in the sunshine.

When we landscaped around the flagpole we put in two burning bushes--centered to the back of the space. (I like things symmetrical.) They looked great until we had several huge ice storms that winter. By spring it was obvious the rabbits had eaten off of them. One was much smaller than the other, so we dug it up and planted it here:
It hasn't changed color yet.

Then we put in a new one which was about the same size as the one we left in. But.....YUP! another ice storm, and they were food for rabbits. For some reason the original one always comes back just fine, and the other one takes the hit. Now, I'm left with this:
It drives me crazy every time I look at it. Do you think we could trim the bigger one in the spring so they could be the same size?


Tanner said...

The house looks great in the fall. We haven't been your direction in a while. Mabye we should make a trip soon.

Janet, said...

I didn't know those were called sedums. I have those, too, and they are lovely right now. We are experiencing Indian Summer and it is gorgeous outside!