Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Football Saturday

Let's take a little trip to the football game! We started off tailgating at 7:30 Saturday morning. We are calm and quiet tailgaters. Travis and Kerry were with us. After getting the canopy situated so the wind didn't chill us, we visited, grilled brats and ate. (I forgot to get any photos of this.) Then we hop on our free ride to the stadium.

Today our driver looked about 12!! Honestly, Bud took me back to look at him again because he looked so young. We were relieved to see our driver after the game could actually grow facial hair!!

Our seats are on the southeast side of the stadium. Travis and Kerry have two seats in front of us. Beside us is a couple that we've sat with for several years now. They weren't there Saturday as they have a new baby.

Here's a view of the band from our spot.

The jumbotron is up to our left behind us.

The skybox is to our left. Just ONCE I'd love to sit up there. Oh, to be out of the weather and be served! But I do hear that you feel very removed from the game. I'd like to decide that for myself!

To our right you can see University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. (A place we are grateful to be close to!)
It is amazing what supposedly grown men will wear to support their team! This guy wore a goofy hat, but believe me, I've seen MUCH worse! Luckily my hubby looks as normal as he can!
I guess they start young! This kid was only to happy to pose when he saw the camera coming out.
I am a fair weather fan. I will soon start recruiting my daughter and/or son-in-laws to take my seat, so I was worried about the chilly wet weather on Saturday. It started out chilly and did sprinkle off and on a couple of times, but overall it wasn't bad. We even saw the sun a few times.
The final score wasn't pretty, but it was a win. Saturday is the Michigan game at night. I wouldn't miss this one. The night games are always more exciting! Now, I just hope the weather cooperates.

Go Hawks!!

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Tanner said...

You should wear just a t-shirt to the game this weekend. That way the weather scares you off earlier than normal.