Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Struggle

EXERCISE----Why do some people seem to enjoy exercise while I HATE it so???? I hated PE and recess in elementary school, so I imagine this is something that has been with me for many years. As a kids I rode my bike endlessly and spent my summers swimming, boating, and skiing, so there were some forms of exercise I liked. But as an adult I wish to be somewhat sedentary. I like to sew, make crafts, and read when I have free time. None of these things burn many calories or keep me in shape! I don't like the sweating, the faster beating of my heart, and any pain I might have. And yet intellectually I know I MUST do something!

CURVES is the only form of exercise I really don't mind. Now, I didn't say I liked it, just that I don't mind it IF I must exercise! We have a CURVES just a block from school, so there is really no excuse for me not getting there. Although I do seem to make excuses!:) I will often pick up my friend, coordinate with another friend, and we go at the same time. This way it seems like more of a social event rather than just exercising. This summer I have done a fair job of getting there. I went yesterday and then came home and walked on the treadmill. AND by the end of the day my right knee was killing me! Now, it may be the incline I used when I walked, but on the other hand, it may just prove that I am not cut out for exercise!!

Any ideas or suggestions designed to help me learn to exercise are appreciated!!!


Trina said...

I don't think I can help you with this, as it is a trait you've passed on to me. Oprah had a show yesterday that talked about putting yourself back on the schedule. Actually write it in your planner to take time to care for yourself by cooking healthy meals and scheduling exercise.

Tanner said...

I think that you are on track by considering it a social event. I think people do a better job keeping in shape when they are with friends. Even if you hate to exercise, being with friends may make your experience a little better.