Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happiness Is.....

Spending the day with your youngest grandson! Nate spent the night with us and then stayed the next day while his family was at the fair. Nate has never spent the night with us without his brothers, so this was a first. He's normally very quiet when we're around, but there's usually a group of people. I've heard him chatter away as I'm talking to Trilby on the phone, but hadn't heard it myself. Boy, did he talk nonstop all day! I guess he needs more opportunity without those brothers speaking for him. He and I had a great day!

He is a good little eater and loves, loves, loves watermelon!!

We spent time playing outside.

Nate investigated everything, including the smells of the candles.

And he perched on my chair while I stitched on a quilt.

What a way to spend a nice summer day!


Trina said...

Even though we see him all the time, he sure looks like a Big Boy in these pictures! I'm sure he enjoyed some individual attention.

bets said...

I'm so glad that you have the summer to connect with the grandbabies! There are benefits to teaching! :) We just need to be reminded every so often!