Sunday, January 18, 2009


As I was scrolling through my usual blogs to read I came across one that had this tempting link to check the readability of your blog.

I was curious and yes, a little hesitant to check my readability out in case my came out waaay low. And you know people have expectations of teachers! But I did check and was happy to see that my readability was this:

blog readability test

Most newspapers are written at a fourth grade level to get the widest audience. So I guess that means I write at least as well as the journalists!

However, I have also started a blog for our book club--Booker Babes. The readability of that site is:
blog readability test

Now, why would that be when I'm the one writing for both????

Well, try it on your blog and see how you rate! Just click on one of the above icons.


The Hartsocks said...

ok - so you're smarter than I am - my blog is Jr. High level! ;) but seriously, I was curious and tried it on some other blogs - one that I read that is written very intelligently with lots of interesting vocab and has hardly any photos (yes I know it is about the text and not the pictures, but I am trying to describe the nature of this bog) was elementary level, and another that I read that is just little snippits was HS level =hmmmm!

Anonymous said...

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