Monday, January 12, 2009


We had a great weekend! We picked Payton up Friday night during the ice/snow and he spent the night. Bud and Payton got up Saturday morning and went for an ice fishing class. UNFORTUNATELY the person (me) who told them it started at 10:00 am was WRONG!! It was actually at 1:00 pm. FORTUNATELY the DNR guy was there making the holes in the ice for the afternoon, so he gave them a private class. They fished in a little hut and used an underwater camera to find the fish. Payton caught several, but UNFORTUNATELY he is used to regular fishing and I guess it is different, so he lost a few by jerking too hard. FORTUNATELY he brought a couple home!

Trina and Tanner came to spend the night Saturday. I spent the afternoon cooking for supper and also making food for several friends. One who has just had gall bladder surgery and a FIL pass away, and one who had a baby earlier and I promised food when she got back to school. I was tuckered out after that!

Sunday Payton didn't get to wrestle as they didn't have anyone his size and experience. However, Aunt Trina did take him down and wrestle! Trilby and Payton stayed for lunch with us all. We had a nice day, but I didn't get down to my craft room, nor did I get any papers corrected. We did have yummy pie for lunch though! I had some pears that were very ripe and I didn't want them to go to waste so I made a pie.

I'm home early today because of the snow we are getting. We didn't have kids so no "official" early out, but we were told we could go if we lived a ways away. I will be working on schoolwork the rest of tonight!


Tanner said...

That is not what my pie looked like.

Trina said...

Where is the picture of my pinning Payton?!