Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fabulous Fifty, Bingo, and Fun!

We were FINALLY able to celebrate Christmas with everyone here including all of our kids, spouses, grandsons, my sister, brother-in-law, nephew, niece, her husband, and our great nephew. We had a great Mexican meal and then opened gifts. The biggest surprise was the BB gun Travis and Kerry gave Payton--much to his mother's dismay! Payton was thrilled and will keep the gun at our house to use when he is here until he gets a little older.

And all of the guys received shirts from Mom! Can you say "Redneck"!!!!

At my family Christmas it is a tradition to play bingo. Everyone brings prizes--mostly white elephant. When all prizes are given out we then can "steal" prizes before they are opened. Of course we protect the little ones so they aren't terribly disappointed! It is a silly tradition that we look forward to and save up gifts for all year!

We also celebrated my BIL's 50th birthday! He doesn't REALLY need that cane next to the chair. Cael could hardly believe he was that old!!!

We were so busy playing Wii and bingo that we didn't know there was a winter weather advisory for us. We soon found out as our niece and her family called on their way home. My sister and her crew started out and then turned back. We ended up with an unexpected houseful for the night. Travis and Kerry went to Tasha and Kyle's for the night. We broke out the pillows and blankets and everyone found a bed or cushion on which to sleep. After an enjoyable breakfast on Sunday everyone headed for home.

I know we had a great time!


Laurie said...

This looked like so much fun, everyone looked so happy! It's nice to extend the Christmas season a little, to keep the spirit going!

jackiebailey44 said...

Kim, I really enjoyed reading your blog. I'm tired just reading about all the things you get done in a day's time; a little envious also, wish I could be that focused to do all the crafts and cooking you do. Jackie

Trina said...

Hey, we didn't ALL get a cushion to sleep on. After staying just the weekend before, you'd think Tanner and I would have frequent flier miles and get priority to a bed!