Wednesday, September 10, 2014

County Fair

Our kids were all in 4-H, so the county fair was a must every summer.  We actually had all four kids in 4-H at the same time of a while, is it could get CRAZY!  Then we went a few years without it, until the grandsons got involved.  
It is more enjoyable since we mostly go watch and support them, but don't have to be in charge.  😄

Nate is just a Cloverbud so he doesn't have much opportunity to do much yet.  He certainly LOVED showing his sheep!

Cael showed pigs, sheep, and had other projects.  He loves his sheep the best.
Payton shows hogs, cattle, and has other projects.  He enjoys showing his cattle the most.

We feel that 4-H is worth all of the work.  Here's hoping ALL of our Grandkids are in 4-H! 


Laurie said...

I wish my nephews would get into 4H, Jake raises goats, and the other boys have such talent in so many areas. I think it's very healthy for kids to get involved in the program, it really helps build confidence and character. Both my grand daughters raised pigs.

Trilby Owens said...

We love that the boys are in 4-H. Yes it certainly gets really busy and super crazy but it is so good for them. 4-H also has some great opportunities.