Sunday, September 14, 2014

Daytrippin' with Some Boys

Every summer I take the tree oldest grandsons on a day trip.  This year we headed to Moline, Il for the day.  The John Deere Pavillion was our first stop.
The boys enjoyed the simulators.

They enjoyed looking at and climbing on all of the machinery.

Nate especially enjoyed the play area.

We at lunch at T.G.I.Friday's which is grandpa's favorite place to eat, so they had to text him a picture to rub it in!

And we watched the water taxi on the river. That's on their wish list for another time.

They had a never ending list of wants at the toy store.
I hadn't planned to take them to Rock Island Arsenal, but Payton really wanted to go there.  They enjoyed it and got a bit of history along the way.

We all had a great time,


Josie McRazie said...

Shut up Kim!! LOL my house is 6 blocks from the John Deere museum!! Our guild retreats every month are at the John Deere house which is only 1 1/2 blocks from my house!! Can I tell you I have never been to the museum!! Played on the tractors out front, just not inside!! I would have suggested eating at Johnny's Steak house right next to the museum! A little bit more expensive but AMAZING food!!

Laurie said...

What a fun time Kim, nothing like some bonding with the grand kids is there! Wish mine were back in Michigan, cherish it when they're home.

Trilby Owens said...

Thank you for taking them!! Nate has not stopped talking about going to the John Deere Pavilion!! He keeps reminding me that I need to Christmas shop there because they have the coolest stuff!! Next year I will try to be free to go along!