Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rain, Rain, and More Rain!

This spring we had quite a bit of rain. One afternoon we got between 5-9 inches depending on who was measuring and/or reporting. 😄. Anyway all of that water had to go somewhere, so we had lakefront property once again!

On a normal day we don't see water at all!!! It receded after about four days.

At the same time Coralville Lake was dealing with all of that water. We had camping reservations and were afraid they'd cancel us, but they didn't. They did close another campground across the river from us just next to the spillway as the road was covered. You can see the beginning of the road in the top left corner of the photo.

We watched the progression of the water which was anticipated to go over the spillway. We took pictures each day to record the progress. Look at the small brick building (bathroom) to gauge the depth.

The water didn't go over the spillway after all. We were glad to have been able to camp, and we had a great time!

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Kath said...

I'm glad you are blogging again. I really enjoyed camping at the Rez with you two. Thanks for including me.

Josie McRazie said...

We were just at Cherry Glen (in DesMoines) and the weather was PERFECT!! it was cool enough at night to sit by a campfire but pretty enough days to not feel smothered!! LOVED it!!

Siobhan said...

Thanks for stopping by, yesterday. I ordered that sock/brace and am hopeful that it will work for me as well as it did for you!

Laurie said...

Hi Kim! The rain here was horrific last week, an hour away in Detroit the highways were flooded to the bottom of the overpasses. More on the way today! It's good you got you're camping in though, haven't been yet this year!