Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Outside My Door

Fall has really come quickly around here! The flowers are gorgeous!
The mums are looking good in a variety of colors--burnt orange,


and bright yellow.

I love mums, and I have them all around the yard. Our mild winter really helped them do, well this year.

The fall Clematis is looking good.

Our trees are beautiful, although some of them are just starting to turn.

I have two different colors of sedum right now--dark purple

and light purple.

The burning bushes out front are beginning to turn their glorious red, but the ones by the house haven't begun to turn yet.

There are still some leftovers from summer doing well, although the temperatures are really supposed to drop later this week, so they may not be around much longer.

Begonias in a pot--

And decorations around the door.(kind of haphazard since the wind messed with them and I didn't fix)

I love this time of year in Iowa. The colors are fantastic, and the weather is beautiful. I can wear jeans or capris with my sweatshirt, and be comfortable either way. Camping and football along with leaf watching are fall fun activities. What could be better?
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Laurie said...

I love the colors of fall myself Kim, our burning bushes are just starting to turn also, one a little faster than the other. Such pretty pictures!