Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Fall Weekend

It got COLD at the end of last week!
--So cold I convinced Bud to let me turn on the fireplace.

And that is no easy feat. He has a strong rule that we don't turn on the furnace until Thanksgiving. Just ask the kids! They hated that rule of his, but now most of them do the same. Funny how things change when they're paying the bills.
--So cold I put the heating blanket and flannel sheets on the bed.
--So cold we DIDN'T go camping.
--So cold I made chicken noodle soup and croutons. The croutons are especially good in the tomato cream soup. (Both recipes are on the side of this blog.) But we put them in the chicken noodle soup, and they were great.

--So cold I put a roast with carrots in the oven and warmed up the kitchen. Sadly, no potatoes and gravy since we're trying to eat healthier, but we did have a yummy squash.

--So cold I froze at Payton's football game.

--So cold I spent my weekend cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, and sewing, and spent very little time outdoors.
It's just too early for this cold weather and killing frost. But then, it's Iowa in October. I could be wearing my capris again before long. Or at least I can hope!

What did you do to stay warm this weekend?
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Laurie said...

It's been getting cold here also Kim, right now it's 38, with a freeze advisory. Cold! But looking forward to the snow this year.

Josie McRazie said...

Poo on Thanksgiving! It was 56 in my house on Thursday morning. I turned on the heat! (And in my house that really sux to have. To do because we have radiator heat!)

Trilby Owens said...

I am loving this weather!! We still have the air on! Not that it is running but it isn't switching to heat anytime soon!!! I am a bigger stickler than Dad is about that. My answer is to put more clothes on!! :) I remember begging Grandma to come and see us so that we could have some heat.