Thursday, July 28, 2011

Have Purse Will Travel!

I spent some time in Chicago last week, but, more on that when I get some batteries and can download photos! As the time for the trip was approaching and our temps were in the upper 90s with heat indices of110-115 I knew I'd be HOT in Chicago. Soooo, I made myself a small purse with a side spot for a water bottle.

I made a long strap so it could go across my body for carrying ease. I used fabric I had in my stash--some vintage(the brown with flowers) and some new(the polka dots).

I put three pockets inside--one for my epi-pen, one for my phone, and one for my water bottle. It also had plenty of room for my sightseeing pamphlets and coin purse. I lined the water bottle pocket with insul-brite which helped keep it cool.

Not only did it save me from dying of thirst, it saved me some cash since I just refilled the water bottle along the way, and it saved my back since I wasn't carrying my heavy purse. Now I need to plan another trip so I get my money's worth put of it!!
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Josie McRazie said...

Love it! A great travel purse is always a must! I know mine saved me when we went to Mexico and it was not nearly as well organized as yours!!

Beth Swantz said...

you are so smart!!!