Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Fun!

We spent the weekend camping with my sister, Kathy, and three of our grandsons.  Kathy's two grandchildren visited for the day on Saturday, and Tasha, Kyle, and Clara came out several times.
There was a lot of fishing going on.
Grandpa needed a little help with the boys fishing, so Kathy went to help.  He had lost his patience, not to  mention, sinkers, hooks, bobbers, string, fish, etc. etc!!  He tells me fishing with a 4 year old, 8 year old, and 10 year old kept him quite busy enough that he didn't really have time to fish!
We took the little ones to the playground where they had a great time...
well, the boys did anyway! 
 Dakota took a little snooze!
There was a little baseball....
Clara enjoyed the outdoors.
Bud smoked some great ribs that were so yummy I didn't even get a picture of them! 
Of course the boys wouldn't let us get by without visiting our usual ice cream shop....which I also didn't get pictures of!
We were so busy my sewing stuff never came out of the corner!
I can't resist this last photo, so if a little bare butt bothers you....move on!
With two little country boys who are just potty trained, and the timber so close we saw a lot of this!
The raccoons visited us each night, but only got a treat one night when Bud forgot to put the garbage away!  And the deer were close, watching us sit by the campfire another night.  
We love this camping spot, but alas, so do others, and we can't get it again until September!!

"The worst day fishing, is better than the best day at work!"
says Bud!!

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Laurie said...

What an awesome time Kim, the pictures turned out great, would love to camp there myself! The kids are all so adorable, and congrats on #7!!