Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Horton Hears A Who

Trina and Tanner decided on Dr. Seuss's "Horton Hears A Who" for Maddux's theme. Grayson's theme is "A Very Hungry Caterpillar". You can see his quilt here.

Anyway, Tanner painted Horton on Maddux's wall, and put up the saying, "A person's a person no matter how small" on his wall. You can see Horton here.

So it was my task to make a Horton quilt for Maddux. First I had to find fabric. Well, I soon learned that they don't make Horton fabric! So, I puchased these fabrics by Robert Kaufmann.

I had to fussy cut Horton out of the first two fabrics which led to a LOT of fabric wasted. I will probably make a Dr Seuss quilt in the future to use it in.

Then I had to decide upon a pattern. After a lot of searching I decided on this pattern at Moda Bake Shop. You can find it here.

I didn't follow it exactly, but I did it pretty much the same.

As you can see I needed to know the baby's name before he was born, and since Trina and Tanner don't share that information I had to convince them to tell me.

I meandered the entire quilt, but I ran into a snag. MY MACHINE QUIT WHEN I HAD ABOUT A SIX INCH SQUARE SECTION TO FINISH!!! (and that is another story in itself). I went ahead and finished it so Maddux could have his pictures taken on it, then a friend brought her machine to school so I could finish it for good. I do still need to put a label on it when I ever get my machine back from the shop.

I hope Maddux loves his blanket!

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