Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stack and Whack

Last fall at Piecemakers' Club we started a quilt that used the stack and whack method.  I picked out fabrics that would look good hanging in my family room--tans and a maroon.  To do the stack and whack you first cut out squares of each fabric, stack them up and then cut the shapes out of the squares.  Then you take shapes from different fabrics to sew back together until you have a square again.  (Not sure if that makes sense?)

Anyway, I had all of my squares and sashing done and began piecing it together.  It just didn't fit well.  I took it to school to have a friend look at it and she pointed out that the squares were 1/4 inch too big.  (Thanks, Jenny)  But it was November and I had Christmas things to make.  So, I put it away until last week.  It was then that I spent time with my seam ripper ripping apart two rows of squares and sashing. :(

It was my goal to finish it before I went back to school.  I finished it Wednesday night and went back to school Thursday!  Here it is ready to go off to be quilted.
A closer look at the colors.

This is one of the few things I've made just for myself.  I can't wait to get it back from the quilter and hang it on my wall!

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