Thursday, August 19, 2010


 * Meandering: quilting done 'freehand' in random curved lines and swirls. This quilting does not follow any pattern but depends completely on the quilter's whim. Lines should not cross or touch each other:

After practicing and practicing on a whiteboard and practice  fabrics this was my first attempt at meandering on something I had made.  

Looks more like a bunch of snakes, doesn't it???   I tried to cover too large of an area at a time and sewed way to far apart and too uniform.  I took it in to my sewing gurus at Willowcreek and they made suggestions.  I practiced some more and then quilted this:
This looks much better and I am happy with it.  Again the sewing gurus that I count on for help looked at it and they think I've got it!  There are definitely things to improve, but I think I can do this.  Now I want to learn to do more than just meandering.

The two projects?  Well, I'll show you those when the bindings are sewn on!

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Susan said...

I have yet to master free-motion quilting of any kind! Do you feel that practicing on the white board helped you? I've considered practicing with a pen first to see if that helps. Your second attempt looks great!