Monday, February 22, 2010

A Few Little Crafts & Gratitude

I have been busy with school and family stuff lately and haven't really had time to do much sewing.  I am working on a Valentine quilt.  Clearly it wasn't done for this Valentine's Day, but I'm hoping for it to be done next year!  I don't have photos yet.  I did manage to make a couple things for gifts--
I made this embroidered snowman into a little wall hanging.
Another koozie.
And a snowman for my wallhanging.
Probably no sewing time for me the rest of this week.  Maybe next week. (sigh)

Gratitude--Today I am grateful for modern conveniences.  Sometimes I long for the simplicity of bygone days and then I remember how much physical labor women had to do.  While I love to cook, it is time consuming.  I can't imagine doing it without today's appliances--even though I don't have the most modern.  I am grateful for my automatic washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher.  And let's not forget the furnace and AC!  Thanks you Lord for all of the conveniences that make my life easier!

1 comment:

Beth Swantz said...

you have three projects done and you don't think you have time???
I think you might want to be grateful for that too!!! :)