Sunday, February 7, 2010


Friday night was "grandson night".  Well, with all of them who can walk on their own anyway!  We went to the RV and Boat show close to home.  We started off with a turkey hunting class which really only made Grandpa and Payton happy.  Next up was a wild animal show which we all enjoyed.  The highlight was the HUGE snake that took three grown women to hold.  EWWW.  Finally, we got to go fishing in the little pond!  Nate and Cael each caught a trout which I got to carry around in a plastic bag the rest of the night!  After getting our balloon fishing pole and doggie on a leash, we finally got to look at the RVs and boats.  McDonalds was our next stop where we ate and handed them off to their mom.  We had a good time, and I didn't have my camera, so no pictures.  DARN!

Saturday morning we headed for Des Moines for the RV show.  We go each year to dream and get ideas.  They have everything from fold down campers to these:
See that SALE price on the side?  Yeah, $188,544, and that wasn't the most expensive one there!  But I sure liked it. Let's birthday is coming up soon.  Maybe my family should pool their money.
But my realistic choice for camping is this one:
Not sure why those people are looking at MY fifth-wheel!  See the little sewing nook?  How nice that it is right next to the fireplace and TV with windows for me to look out!
Here's where Bud would be parked when he's not fishing.  See the nice big window out the back?  Perfect for looking at the water.
Here's the kitchen area.  
But it doesn't have one of these:
Yes, some of them have a dishwasher!  I can live without that since we are just camping, but when we retire and live in it while we travel, I want one!
Oh, look, Bud is choosing his bedroom!
After buying some accessories, but not a camper, we headed for the furniture store.
Homemaker's Furniture is my favorite furniture store!  It is HUGE.  It used to have a model home built in the middle of it, but they've remodeled so that's gone.  You'd better be a good decision maker or you could be there forever.  Even choosing a lamp can be overwhelming!
And there are more throughout the store!  We were looking at chairs, but we already knew what brand we wanted and what fabric we didn't want, so that made it easier.
After the furniture store we headed for lunch.  Bud chose the place although I know he had me in mind.  We at at the Cheesecake Factory, but we didn't eat cheesecake!  Next, we went to Bass Pro, which, if you read my blog regularly, you'll know I said I didn't need to visit again!  So, I stayed in the car and read my book while Bud shopped.  We had a great day.......just dreamin'.


Trina said...

So, you didn't buy us an RV while you were there? Or you ordered it and it hasn't arrive yet?

Trilby said...

The boys had a great time! The fish are in the freezer and Nate was so upset that Mike cut them up and fed the heads to the cats!!

Saturday sounds like a terrific day! I would love to go do that kind of day too. Mike worked and the boy and I did valentines! At least we got stuff accomplished at home.

So when your new RV comes in we can store your current one for you! :)

Anonymous said...

I will try agin to leave a comment. Guess you will be coming to Tx in you NEW THINGS.