Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meet Chance Joseph

We spent the day cuddling, inspecting, and bonding with our newest grandson, Chance Joseph, born August 29th at 8:55pm. He weighed in at 8lbs and was 20 1/2 " long. His middle name is after a great great grandfather on Travis' side and a great grandfather on Kerry's side.He has a few marks on his face from the forceps and a scratch on his check which he did to himself. And he has the strawberry birthmark between his eyes and at the base of his skull which his mother, both grandmothers and two aunts and a great aunt also had. So, here's your first peek:
And here are the proud parents with their bundle of joy.

Look at all of that red hair! Yes, I was hoping for a redhead and he is one. Most of it is in the back, so I hope he doesn't wear it all away but that it stays red.
And we now have three generations of redheaded males in our family---Grandpa Bud, Daddy Travis, and CJ. Grandpa was especially happy to have a grandson to carry on the family name.
Trilby, Tasha, Trina, and Tanner came to cuddle as did my sister. He was just a perfect baby all day. He hardly made a peep, except when Tanner was holding him! I came to the rescue and took him off of Tanner's hands. :)

Being a grandparent is just such a joy!


Julie said...

Congratulations! Travis and Kerry look so happy. What an exciting time for everyone! Enjoy the new baby.

Beth Swantz said...


The Hartsocks said...

yay - there is nothing like cuddling newborn! he is so sweet!

Phyllis said...

Congratulations! He is a doll. And now Tanner and Trinia? You lucky grandma.